1st time and only a day, in Berlin

…arrived late Friday evening and then got a full Saturday of exploring, to finally leave quite early Sunday morning… fantastic weather, almost 20°C and bright sun, and this was the 1st of November. …walked around astonished and as this was the first time in Berlin for me, the combination of being astonished and not really knowing and understanding Berlin yet, wasn’t good for picture content quality. Coming home, reviewing the pictures, I was therefore also quite disappointed with the result. But, after having had the pictures in quarantine for a month I looked again and decided to do something about them. Now I think the batch is quite OK after all. So, here are a few but if you follow the link at the bottom of the page, you are taken to a “lightbox” with the complete lot.

Schillingbrücke (near Ostbahnhof)

Bahnhof Friedrichstrasse

Jüdisches Museum


After Berlin there was Sunday lunch in Rostock.

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