I am Thomas Hagström

I am a Swede living in Denmark (Struer) since January 2011. My Swedish hometowns were, in order of appearance: Gävle (a few years), Stockholm (until 1985), Strängnäs (until 2010) and Helsingborg (11 months).

If nothing else is stated, all pictures on this site are by me and they are all copyrighted “All rights Reserved”. Please ask permission before you use any material.

{This website, blog or photoblog if you like, started many years ago which means that several posts have references to nowadays non-existing content}

If there is interest in any of the pictures, contact me on: thohagstrom [at] gmail.com

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I document what I see and feel. I want my pictures to be natural, sober and straightforward while at the same time being original and perhaps mildly absurd. At best the viewer is intrigued and remains for some good time to absorb the visuals and dwell into details.

I have been a photographer since the 1970’s but in 2006 I joined Flickr and through that community I feel my creativity took a significant leap. I am still there and it is still a good source of inspiration.

I sometimes try to maintain a portfolio that intends to show my style…

On line

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…and the following are kind of un-maintained tryouts from my side:

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Professional work
Please go to my Linkedin

thohagstrom [at] gmail.com

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  1. Hej!
    Ser att du publicerat en bild av mig (http://www.flickr.com/photos/murrehund/4040340868/). Denna bild är skyddad av upphovsrättslagen och jag ber dig att antingen kontakta bild- och upphovsrätt i Sverige (BUS) för publiceringen alternativt ta bort den.

    Om ingen åtgärd görs så kommer Bus att kontaktas.

    Magnus Fliesberg, konstnär