Day 13 (Dagebüll – Lauenburg)

This is Day Three of our little train trip through parts of northern Germany…

Day 1 (Dagebüll) | Day 2 (Amrum) | Day 3 (Lauenburg) | Day 4 (Mölln)* | Day 5 (Wismar)* | Day 6 (Kiel)* | Day 7 (going home)*
*) 1st draft, **) in progress to be finalized


For a better experience you may want to visit my gallery on smugmug and enjoy the below images (and more of them) on a large screen

Dagebüll Kirche at 05.39
Dagebüll Kirche, 09:29
Husum, 13:07
Preetz, 16:04
Lauenburg, Die Elbe
Lauenburg. Elbe-Lübeck-Kanal <> Elbe
Lauenburg (Elbe)

Link to my Day Three Photogallery

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