Copenhagen chill

Saturday Jan 25. Copenhagen


Grey weather. A cruel wind. Simply freezing cold.
But it was a good day, simply so.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug


First stop Politikens boghandel (Rådhuspladsen 37) which consumed a few hundred DKK’s. For some reason I hadn’t been there before. Good place, a real book store with a fine magazine section as well.


Gl Strand


Next up Kunstforeningen Gl Strand which showed “FANTASTICAL Magical drawings by Louis Moe, Sverre Malling, Julie Nord and Ragnar Persson” {we liked it}


“EXTRACT Young Art Prize” (showing: Birgitte Martinsen (DK), Laurits Nymand Svendsen (DK), Niels Pugholm (DK), Åsa Frankenberg (S), Mollie Anna King (IRL), Lydia Nsiah (A) og Natalia Zaluska (PL)) {we found it maybe a bit uninteresting however visually cool}. press info (Danish)

Gl Strand

Gl Strand


Stop III at Nikolaj kunsthal where we enjoyed Marika Seidlers “Human animal”.

Stop IV at Charlottenborg included a fantastic little meal in the Café but the main course was of course the Superflex retrospective.


Stop V: Café Blå Time then back home from Østerport.

Café Blå Time

Café Blå Time

Den Frie

Den Frie

Next day became something completely different.


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