Cow at Wanås


We payed the 2010 exhibition at Wanås a visit a couple of days ago.
The picture is from the modern, austere and rather magical stable.

The large park at Wanås houses over 60 installations and sculptures placed in the large park at the privately owned castle.
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The new exhibition “Another way” is described as follows on the Wanås website:
“ANOTHER WAY is a unique collaboration between the Wanås Foundation and the Royal University College of Fine Arts in Stockholm. The project started in September 2008, led by professor and artist Ann-Sofi Sidén. After thorough studies of travel as an artistic expression, 18 artists with links to the college started a journey from Stockholm to Wanås (approximately 650 km) without the use of artificial fuels. They travelled by bicycle, foot, horse or sailboat.”

I like it.

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