Day 11 (Struer – Dagebüll)

Day 1 itenary

Struer (08.24), Hjerm, Holstebro, Bur, Vemb, Ulfborg, Tim, Hee, Ringkøbing, Lem, Skjern (09.41-09.48), Tarm, Ølgod, Gårde, Tistrup, Sig, Varde Nord, Varde, Varde Kaserner, Guldager, Gjesing, Spangsbjerg, Esbjerg (10.49-10.58), Tjæreborg, Bramming, Sejstrup, Gredstedbro, Ribe Nørremark, Ribe, Hviding, Rejsby, Brøns, Skærbæk, Døstrup, Bredebro, Visby, Tønder Nord, Tønder (12.22-12.32), Süderlügum, Uphusum, Niebüll (12.51). [No change of trains during this itenary]


Pause in Niebüll for some snacks and drinks (Kafee Maus). Fifteen minutes slow walk there from the station. Niebüll is worth a short break.

Niebüll neg (14.40), Deezbüll, Maasbüll, Dagebüll Kirche (14.52) [to stop the train at this station one must tell it to the train personnel since there are no other means to signal this while on the train]

After sightseeing the small village of Dagebüll Kirche, including the St. Dionysius Kirche, we checked in at the pension at 16.00. A good place, that was obvious. Then, beginning at the Kirchwarft, a 3.3 km walk to Dagebüll Hafen/Mole via the Osterdeich/Deichwanderweg. Close encounters with beautiful sheep…and the scenic views over the Wattenmeer and the Halligen…and towards Föhr…they are simply amazingly beautiful each time you see them, in any weather. Coldish and windy weather.

Dinner at “Austernfischer Dagebüll” (Schollenfilets m. Kartoffelsalat & Remoulade). Walked back to the hotel via the small road (Mühlenwarft) which runs along the railway (2,7 km). As we approach “our” village Dagebüll Kirche we hear the loud sound of intensely rippling water but it is not water, it is a tree full of birds making beautiful noise…at this time we still do not know what birds.

Useful links

Dagebüll Gemeinde | Dagebüll on OpenStreetMap |


Arriva OneDay purchased in the “Arriva Tog” app (Struer-Tønder) + Einzelkarte PC8 (Tønder-Dagebüll Kirche) purchased in DB Navigator app.


Hotel To olen Slüüs Dagebüll. Osterdeich 4, Dagebüll Kirche. Check-in at 16.00.

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