Day 12 (Dagebüll & Amrum)

This is Day Two of our little train trip through parts of northern Germany…

Day 1 (Dagebüll) | Day 2 (Amrum) | Day 3 (Lauenburg) | Day 4 (Mölln)* | Day 5 (Wismar)* | Day 6 (Kiel)* | Day 7 (going home)*
*) 1st draft, **) in progress to be finalized


For a better experience you may want to visit my gallery on smugmug and enjoy the below images (and more of them) on a large screen.

Pension To olen Slüüs
Ferrying from Dagebüll Mole via Wyk (Föhr) to Witdün (Amrum)
Soon Wittdün, Amrum
Austernfischer, Steenodde (Amrum)
Dagebüll Kirche
the starlings suddenly burst of the tree…

Link to my Day Two Photo Gallery

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