Day 12 (Dagebüll & Amrum)

Day 2 itenary

Dagebüll Kirche (09.17), Dagebüll Mole (09.23)
Dagebüll Mole (09.40), Wyk (Föhr, 10.30-10.40), Wittdün (Amrum, 11.40)
Wittdün (17.25), Wyk, Dagebüll Mole (19.30)

Confirmed that the small pension in Dagebüll Kirche was a really good place to stay, the little village as well. We decided to take the train to the ferry. The weather forecast for the day indicated sunny weather on the islands but this morning looked grey and slightly chilly. But, beautiful.

Just as last time we went on this ferry, in July 2016, despite a lot of fellow travellers everything works smooth and there is space for everyone. That was the practical part. The other aspect is the trip itself, which is a true wonder…it consumes two hours of your day (one way to Amrum) and every minute is worth spending on it, being a first class visual meditation. Hopefully my pictures can deliver something of the feeling to you, but I do recommend visiting the images in full size on a large screen – besides going there, naturally 🙂

First time on Amrum, and we only had some hours (actually five of them but they were soon spent). Beautiful, sunny and calm weather which we enjoyed during our walk along the Obere Wandelbahn – overlooking the seemingly vast Kneipsand, up to the Aussichtsdüne nearest Witdün and then over to Steenodde. Well, looking at the map this wasn’t a very impressive walk but it was what we managed today. We’ll be back for a longer stay another time. Promise.

The town Wittdün seemed to have all an island tourist could want, in a good way, at least as a first and short impression from our side. Ferrying back was again very lovely and stressless.

Back in Dagebüll we stretched our legs again (after soup on board the ferry and desert at Restaurant Austernfischer, Dagebüll) and walked back to our little village with the little pension…there were many ‘Gänse’ flying in for a nights rest on one of the fields near the village. Later we finally caught the full moon on film.

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Train ticket via the DB Navigator app and the ferry tickets (19.80 € for 2 p, return tickets) via the app

Link to my Day Two Photo Gallery

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