Day 13 (Dagebüll – Lauenburg)

Day 3 Itenary

Dagebüll Kirche (09.53), Niebüll (09.48)
Niebüll (11.01), Langenhorn, Bredstedt, Husum (12.03)
Husum (13.35), Jübek, Schleswig, Owschlag, Rendsburg, Schülldorf, Bredenbek, Felde, Kiel-Hassee CITTI-PARK, Kiel Hbf (15.04)
Kiel Hbf (15.43), Raisdorf, Preetz, Plön, Bad Malente-Gremsmühlen, Eutin, Bad Schwartau, Lübeck Hbf, Lübeck Hochschulstadtteil, Lübeck Flughafen, Ratzeburg, Mölln, Büchen, Lauenburg (18.00)

Just had to rise early to investigate and enjoy the sunrise. It was a beautiful experience which included sleepy sheep and decorative mist. The train took us to Niebüll and, after a short break there, further on to Husum where we had lunch at the excellent crossove-cafe/restaurant Alex Kitchen. Then the long and winding tour to Lauenburg started. We didn’t do the shortest itenary but probably the most unhurried, and that’s how want it. An alternative route would have been via Hamburg which could have been nice enough but… Arrival Lauenburg after four and a half hours travelling from Husum (including a 40 minutes break in Kiel). Lauenburg was immediately appealing to us with its old town quarters stretching along the Elbe and the hilly and foresty parts above the old town.. We stayed at Villa Horstmann and no complaints about that choice. Dinner at Rufers Rerstaurant, sitting outside with a nice view of the Elbe. Food was OK.

Useful links

Map outlining ‘die innerdeutsche Grenze’

Lauenburg, der lätzte Halt vor der Grenze


Schleswig-Holstein Ticket, purchased in the DB Navigator app

Link to my Day Three Photogallery

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