Fall Out

Gammel Holtegaard

gl Holtegaard is a little mansion with a beautiful baroque garden to go with it. [xx]
All planned, designed and erected by the architect Lauritz de Thurah in the 1750:s. [xx] [xx]
Nowadays this place houses a gallery for art, mostly contemporary and if not, art that has a bearing on contemporary art; “The ambition is to show older, modern and contemporary art that has a message for people of today” (quote from the website).

This year we saw a set of exhibitions:


1] 2]
3] 4]

FALL OUT – art, desire and disengagement
This exhibit was produced together with Malmö konsthall
[ About the exhibition ]


1, 2, 5: photo Thomas Hagström, 3, 4: pictures by permission from gl holtegaard
2: Vinyl-terror og -horror: “urban legend” (2010), installation in front of the main building.
3: Sophie Calle: “The chromatic diet” (1997)  [xx]
4: Oreet Ashery & Larissa Sansour: “Nonel and Vovel’s Inferno” and prints from “The Novel of Nonel and Vovel” (2009)
5: From the park and garden of gl Holtegaard. March 7 2010.


David Claerbout
The Belgian artist David Claerbout works in the borderland between photography and film in his riveting works. Reflecting on the nature of time plays an important role in his works. In ‘Sections of a happy moment’ Claerbout presents a scene with a family photographed from an endless number of angles.” (quote from the introduction to the exhibit).
Lovely! (my word)


Allan Otte – After-images
The Danish painter Allan Otte creates unexpected encounters with nature in his modern landscape paintings. Disaster has often struck in Otte’s paintings, where the landscape is typically portrayed as a background for smashed-up vans, abandoned cars and deserted industrial buildings.” (quote from the introduction to the exhibit).
It wasn’t a waste of our time seeing it (my words).


we still need to see the garden, an upcoming project…
…from a distance it does look interesting [xx]

6] 7]


6, 7, 8: Photo Thomas Hagström. The park and garden of gl Holtegaard.
May 30 2010 (6, 7), Aug 15 2010 (8).

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