Lindberg De Geer – Orientering

We walked around the exhibition, smiling (beacuse of the fine, touching, genial and amusing art and because we listened in the ear-phones to the artist talking about her art and her life).

The following pictures are pieces by Marianne Lindberg de Geer that are displayed at the exhibition.
The media was provided by Dunkers Kulturhus.

[ Profile picture for the exhibition ]

[ Full Speed Ahead (Photo: Carl Johan de Geer) ]

[ Orientering nr 41 (from Lost in the culture) ]

[ Teater 4(4), a re-interpretation of a work from 1993 (Photo: Carl Johan de Geer ) ]

From the information sheet for the exhibition:

“Few starts shine with such illuminative presence over the Swedish art scene, such as Marianne Lindberg De Geer. Her personality can be described as feisty (in the most positive connotation) and she brings a rich life of experiences. In her art she is playful, intimate and humane. In other words, she possess some of the most provocative features in our contemporary western society. Needless to say, the debate is ever present and a Lindberg De Geer exhibition always carries itself with a scent of revolution in the air.”

“Even though she ofte examines identity through her art, as well as her own identity in others, this is not just an exhibition where you can get to meet the collected works from one of the absolute cream of the Swedish art crop. It’s a story, set in the present, where the dizzy and dazzling story we call life is skilfully described.”

“During a brief period in the 1970s Lindberg De Geer resided in Helsingborg. Now she’s back with a great exhibition at Dunkers kulturhus showing paintings, sounds, humour, installations, islands, a dark labyrinth, tombstones, collages, earnestness, traces, text, moving bundles, rabbits, pigs, film, debate and Pippi Longstocking.”

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