Louisiana, Kunstindustrimuseet, Charlottenborg

[ Saturday Aug 7 ]

Louisiana MoMA Cafe Öresund by Louisiana MoMA
We took the bikes and went for a quick visit to Louisiana MoMA.

Besides the usual stroll through the park we experienced a fine and substantial exhibition with works by Sophie Calle.
The largest installation on display is “Take care of yourself” from 2007.
In this work Sophie Calle has invited a number of women of different professions to interpret an e-mail that the artist’s lover wrote to end their relationship.
A fantastic work that we spent a good deal of time together with.

Calle is an artist that uses photography as an important part of her tools.
This year she is awarded the Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography.
This is good news as it will mean that there will be another significant exhibition with her works in our neighborhood.
The exhibition at Louisiana MoMA in Humlebæk (north of Copenhagen) ends October 24.
The upcoming exhibit at the Hasselblad center in Gothenburg runs from October 30 until February 6 2011.

After lunch we moved on our bikes again towards the modest open-air museum Flynderupgaard near Helsingør.
We saw a very amusing and energetic performance of the piece “La Fontaine” by the “Dansk Rakkerpak” of the Copenhagen International Street Theatre.
This was part of the programme of Passage10 a “transnational street theatre festival” that took place in Helsingør and Helsingborg in the beginning of August.

It was a surprisingly warm and sunny day.
The evening was lovely.

[ Sunday Aug 8 ]

A rainy day, no doubt.
Arrival Nørreport by Øresundstoget. Change to the Metro. Exit at Kongens Nytorv.
Metrorain Cafe Blå Time
Quick walk in the rain to Café Blå Time.
A place we almost never misses if we have business in central Copenhagen.
Good café-eating, good coffe, great natural atmosphere of the domestic kind.
Modestly situated at Store Kongensgade not far from anything really.

Went on to Kunstindustrimuseet (The Danish museum of Art & Design), a great place for historical design and craftsmanship.
The museum is situated in a building for which the word beautiful is very fitting.
The house was built in the 1750:s to designs by the architects Niels Eigtved and Lauritz de Thurah.
Thurah is also the architect behind the excellent Gammel Holtegaard, which nowadays functions as an art venue/gallery for (usually) modern art.

Next stop for us ambitious folks was Charlottenborg, the town castle that lies opposite the attractive (for tourists at least) Nyhavn.
We took ourselves through the (very interesting, clever and entertaining) degree show of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.
This year it is called Afgang (MFA Degree Show).
We were slowly depleted of energy which is easy to understand considering that 34 different individual projects were shown, “and 34 arrows are sent off into space in different directions” (as the catalogue text puts it).

As a final (besides the lovely ice cold coca cola!) we were slowly taken down and soothed by a quiet and white room installation by Henrik B. Andersen, “Sliding Zones” (right picture).
Charlottenborg 14 Charlottenborg 1
After this visit we said “no more installations!! please, some old fashioned paintings instead”.
But we don’t really mean it.

On the way (in the rain rain rain) to the train we stopped by at Illums boligvaruhus.
After dinner I went home to Helsingborg.
Another good weekend came to an end 🙂

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