The Yoricks

at Odin Teatret 20/08/2019

“… The Yoricks is a circus performance of the souls, mixing melancholy, laughter, fear of death and nostalgia. It is a declaration of love to some of the legendary clowns of the past from Foottit and Chocolat to the Fratellini, the great Charlie Rivel and the Colombaioni brothers. In short, a tribute that Teatro tascabile gives to these famous clowns, their history and art…” from Odin Teatret web site

Presentation (Teatro Tascabile Bergamo website)

Presentation (pdf)

It was a 100% fantastic, poetic and fun experience. Promise!


I have a thing for Højer, the little town bordering to ‘Vadehavet’ in the south-west corner of Denmark.

It was hower a long time I reviewed my old posts related to Højer. Doing that now, I find several broken links to pictures/slideshows.

Therefore, here comes new links to my current collection of pictures from different visits to Højer. When time allows, the collection will be updated with more recent pictures.

Gallery link (my SmugMug photo site, it opens in new window)
Below a slideshow, which you alternatively can run in higher resolution from SmugMug