Two Days of January-Hamburg

On the stormy Saturday of January 10 2015 we arrived by train from the northwest of Denmark. Four stops to change train (Fredericia, Padborg, Flensburg, Neumünster) was three more than planned but strange enough we arrived on schedule anyway.


Alter Elbtunnel

It’s Hamburg I think

Restaurant Marinehof

Then there was Sunday. We stayed at Hotel Citadines near St Michel

Note to self: Get a sound recorder! Learn how to edit a video.

St. Pauli

< Reeperbahn > ^ Davidstrasse
St Pauli: Schmuckstrasse

Hauptbahnhof (Süd) ? Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe ?



Lunch in Rostock

Leaving Berlin on a Sunday morning – and it was a fine, quiet and sunny Sunday morning (2 nov 2014). The car took a right turn at Alexanderplatz, then zig zag northwards to the Autobahn. Good driving on good roads, a short stop at the “island town” Malchow, then Rostock around 12 o’clock.

? Malchow

Micro sightseeing in Petrikirche, then hungry. Through some luck we came inside the little restaurant Albert & Emile where we were treated more than well. The restaurant was actually reserved for a birthday party but we were lucky to get a seat by a sunny window. We enjoyed it all immensely despite the fact that we couldn’t choose anything but the menu that the birthday party had. The non-alcoholic beer (Neumarkter Lammsbräu / Alkoholfrei) was excellent.

? Restaurant Albert & Emile, Rostock


1st time and only a day, in Berlin

…arrived late Friday evening and then got a full Saturday of exploring, to finally leave quite early Sunday morning… fantastic weather, almost 20°C and bright sun, and this was the 1st of November. …walked around astonished and as this was the first time in Berlin for me, the combination of being astonished and not really knowing and understanding Berlin yet, wasn’t good for picture content quality. Coming home, reviewing the pictures, I was therefore also quite disappointed with the result. But, after having had the pictures in quarantine for a month I looked again and decided to do something about them. Now I think the batch is quite OK after all. So, here are a few but if you follow the link at the bottom of the page, you are taken to a “lightbox” with the complete lot.

Schillingbrücke (near Ostbahnhof)

Bahnhof Friedrichstrasse

Jüdisches Museum


After Berlin there was Sunday lunch in Rostock.

Hamburg (2)

A day in Hansestadt Hamburg / 12 August 2014

? Katolische Akademie / St. Ansgar – Kleiner Michel

? Klütjenfelder Hafen

? Spreehafen

? Klütjenfelder Hafen

? Altona Fischmarkt

? Altona

? Mönckebergstrasse

? Katolische Kirche St. Ansgar; Kleiner Michel

? Stadthausbrücke

? Wilhelmsburg

? Hauptbahnhof

? Herrengrabenfleet

? St. Michaelis Kirkche