two wintery days in the north

…well, on north zealand (nordsjælland) that is. The Saturday (Jan 16) was spent on Østerbro more or less. Grey but snowy and that´s just nice. (above) Dag Hammarskjölds Allé/Øster Søgade/Sortedams Sø / Østre Anlæg (below) Book keeping, Saturday 16 Jan 2015 At SMK, Statens Museum for Kunst we saw E.W. Eckersberg exhibition “A Beautiful Lie” […]

Vestjyllands kunstpavillon

The village Videbæk that lies between the more significant (in size and attractiveness to tourists) cities of Ringkøbing and Herning is since June 2012 blessed with a fine art pavillon. The building is created by Henning Larsen Architects. I took a visit there on a great September Saturday when everything turned out as good as […]

Salong! 2012

I have been admitted I am showing two photographic works at the exhibition Salong! 2012 that opens on 14 September.  The exhibition is arranged by Helsingborgs Art society (konstförening)  but shows at Dunkers kulturhus [ direct link ] in Helsingborg. I was also admitted to the  previous curated exhibition arranged by Helsingborgs konstförening, also shown at Dunkers, […]

David Svensson

I payed the fine art museum in Eskilstuna a visit a couple of weeks ago. The Malmö-based artist David Svensson had a little exhibit going which was really delightful. David Svensson works with Light as a most significant force in his works. At the current exhibit we see compositions that uses patinated book pages that […]