Going for Bovbjerg


On this grey saturday we finally saw some openings for light. Driving past Lemvig, then to the left at Heldum church, we decided that the small winding roads should first take us to Bonnet.

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We didn’t stop in Bonnet but saw signs of a village that could be interesting to know more about. Slowly headed for Ferring at Bovbjerg, driving past the village without a name (where one crosses road 181). Then: Vesterhavet at Ferring village!


When at Bovbjerg, one must go to Trans.


After these wonders by the sea, we finished off with a drive along the wall of Bøvling klit, with the roar of the sea on the right and the relative stillness of Nissum fjord on the left.


Back home to Struer via Ulfborg/Holstebro which gave some additional thoughts about future research around the streams of Storeå, Lilleå and Idom Å…


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All pictures are taken by me.