early spring moves

March 8/9 2014

As the damaged foot was beginning to be almost useful again we could take some small excursions in the neighborhood.

Part 1: Hellebæk

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

we had lunch at Hammermøllen, outside in the sun (good meal!) / after this we toured the north coast Gilleleje – Rågeleje – Liseleje

Part 2: Louisiana MoMA

a short taste of the current exhibitions (we’ll be back when foot can do better) and as always, an inspection of the garden, the view and the sea

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Showing at Louisiana:
Hilma af Klint – A Pioneer of Abstraction (great to see again, we saw the exhibit already in Stockholm) / ARAB CONTEMPORARY Architecture, Culture and Identity (yes, want to see again more extensively perhaps after having studied the catalogue a bit first)) / LOUISIANA ON PAPER – JOSEPH BEUYS ( … [can perhaps be understood, contemplated and enjoyed better another time])


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at the shopping street at the museum

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