The Yoricks

at Odin Teatret 20/08/2019

“… The Yoricks is a circus performance of the souls, mixing melancholy, laughter, fear of death and nostalgia. It is a declaration of love to some of the legendary clowns of the past from Foottit and Chocolat to the Fratellini, the great Charlie Rivel and the Colombaioni brothers. In short, a tribute that Teatro tascabile gives to these famous clowns, their history and art…” from Odin Teatret web site

Presentation (Teatro Tascabile Bergamo website)

Presentation (pdf)

It was a 100% fantastic, poetic and fun experience. Promise!


Flyndersø, a little lake in one of those many many many well maintained and perfectly described nature reserves in Denmark. It’s good they exist as there isn’t much wild nature left here. I took a walk at “Ådalstien” in the south part of the reserve a few days ago. Fresh looking and forestly smelling after the rain (which came at last after a dry spring).

Ådalstien, Flyndersö. May 14 @ 14.23Ådalstien, Flyndersö. May 14 @ 14.02

Ådalstien, Flyndersö. May 14 @ 14.30

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