Tuskær & Hygum

Strange names for a couple of lovely places here on the north west of Jylland

TUSKÆR | on map |


Looking out from the fine Art and Culture centre Tuskær that is situated on the edge of the west coast of Denmark. Outside the window the grassy outer dike that protects the land from the wild North Sea (Vesterhavet).

Kulturcenter Tuskær is founded and run by Elin Nilsson.


HYGUM | on map |


From the webpage of Hygum Art museum:

Hygum Art Museum is a new experimenting art museum, which opened in 2003. The museum is placed in an old missionary house from 1880 and is situated far away in the countryside, where the landscape itself is part of the experience. Being a living organism, the museum continuously develops over the years. Every year, a new installation incorporates new works. The art museum holds works from approximately 75 of the most leading contemporary artists. All artists have visited the place and created a piece of work for the purpose and donated this to the museum.
The museum is an artist’s project and has been established through the years by Lisbeth Hermansen.


The photos are by me. Published on Flickr.