Lunch in Rostock

Leaving Berlin on a Sunday morning – and it was a fine, quiet and sunny Sunday morning (2 nov 2014). The car took a right turn at Alexanderplatz, then zig zag northwards to the Autobahn. Good driving on good roads, a short stop at the “island town” Malchow, then Rostock around 12 o’clock.

? Malchow

Micro sightseeing in Petrikirche, then hungry. Through some luck we came inside the little restaurant Albert & Emile where we were treated more than well. The restaurant was actually reserved for a birthday party but we were lucky to get a seat by a sunny window. We enjoyed it all immensely despite the fact that we couldn’t choose anything but the menu that the birthday party had. The non-alcoholic beer (Neumarkter Lammsbräu / Alkoholfrei) was excellent.

? Restaurant Albert & Emile, Rostock