Salong! 2012

I have been admitted

I am showing two photographic works at the exhibition Salong! 2012 that opens on 14 September.  The exhibition is arranged by Helsingborgs Art society (konstförening)  but shows at Dunkers kulturhus [ direct link ] in Helsingborg. I was also admitted to the  previous curated exhibition arranged by Helsingborgs konstförening, also shown at Dunkers, Salong! 2010.

thohagstrom_salong2012_2 thohagstrom_salong2012_1

The curators of the exhibition

Peter Dacke – artist, Malmö [ info ] [ info ]
Suzanne Ottosen – gallerist, Copenhagen [ link ]
Conny Blom – artist, Malmö/Berlin [ link ]
Ýrr Jónasdóttir – director of Ystads konstmuseum [ link ]

47 artists are showing 102 works, out of 396 applications and almost 2000 works. I am therefore very proud to be in this company!

The admitted artists

Agger, Lars [ web ]
Andersson, Leena [ web ]
Arvidsson, Karin
Bakran, Eva
Benczedi, Ilona [ web ]
Bertilsson, Ann-Marie
Bjelke, Malene [ web ]
Björklund, Maria [ web ]
Chor, Carmen [ web ]
Dahl, Trine
de Jong, Adrian
Ekberg, Jill
Ellborg, Jonas [ web ]
Englert, Bertil [ web ]
Ferling, Gun [ info ]
Frykholm, Jan
Gerhard, Monica
Göransson, Peter [ web ]
Hagström, Thomas 🙂
Holmqvist, Åke
Huber, Alexius [ web ]
Hölbling, Mikaela [ web ]
Jakobsson, Kristine
Kjellgren, Caroline
Kumlien, Anders [ web ]
Lethin, Valdemar [ web ]
Looström, Anne
Magnusson, Kerstin
Müller Lindberg, Karin [ web ]
Nilsdotter, Kristina [ web ]
Nilsson, Per-Olof
Nilsson, Ulf
Nordlund, Nathalie
Ohlén, Lena [ web ]
Pedersen, Pernilla [ web ]
Rahr, Nadja [ web ]
Reimer, Annett [ web ]
Ryberg Ek, Gunilla [ web ]
Rönn, Viveka
Schönström Selbman, Bitte [ info ]
Thede, Joanna [ web ]
Thompson, Ben
Thorsén Annika
Udsen, Anne Maria
Wennergren, Monika
Ventura César, Antonio
Zetterström, Emma

Salong! 2010 – again

I have shot four views of the exhibition, on for each wall of the room where the exhibit hangs.
The pictures in original are available on one of my accounts on Flickr where I have added notes that link each work on the wall with the name of the artist.
Well… click on a picture below and it will take you to Flickr and then you’ll see.

Salong! 2010 (wall south)

Salong! 2010 (wall west)

Salong! 2010 (wall north)

Salong! 2010 (wall east)

(more about Salong! 2010)

Exhibition (Salong! 2010)

Three photographic works of mine have been admitted to the fall exhibition (Salong! 2010) arranged by the Helsingborg art society.

The exhibiton, which focuses on visual arts, is shown at Dunkers kulturhus from Oct 14 until Nov 28 2010.

The members of the jury were:
Mikkel Bogh, principal at Det Kgl. Kunstakademi (Royal academy of arts), Copenhagen
Charlotte Lund, gallerist, Stockholm
Martina Müntzing, artist, Stockholm
Jonas Liveröd, artist, Malmö