february stuff

I. Helsingborg Fredriksdal II. København Den Frie / Exhibition we saw: Artists’ Books, Growing Wildly (Lea Porsager, Ola Vasiljeva, Rolf Nowotny, Anni’s & Mette Winckelmann, Absalon Kirkeby, Marianne Vierø and Jaanus Samma) III. Nordvestjylland Nissum Bredning IV. Nordjylland Limfjorden at Hovsøre, Thy Kunsten, Aalborg / Exhibition we saw: Imran Qureshi – Idea of Landscape. V. Aarhus […]

a golden day – thy soutwest

Feb 23 2014 A weekend spent alone at home (Struer). A slight feeling that spring was on the way. I decided to travel north (after a short shopping visit to Holstebro). Scope: checking status of spring and catching some gilded pictures? Asp Resen (Kilen and Struer in the background) Oddesund from Toftum Bjerge (Humlum) Vestervig […]