Venø kirke

Cross: Michala Eken / Painting: Knud Agger / Flower vase: Lena Ljungar, Jesper Sødring / Altar table and candle holders (as well as the renovation of the church, finalized during 2017): Dan Ljungar (Bonde Ljungar Arkitekter).

The images are from 2019 and 2018.

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Venøposten, særnummer December 2016. Restaurering af Venø Kirke 2006-2016 (pdf)

Venø Kirke, Skodborg Herred (Fra Danmarks kirker, Ringkøbing Amt) (pdf)


Welcome to Venø

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misty midday

March 30 ’14

Sometimes when the weather forecast says sun, there is instead fog


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The fine Museum of religious art in Lemvig, as always, had a satisfying and poetic exhibition on show – this time with works by the mighty Danish painter Jens Ferdinand Willumsen; J. F. WILLUMSEN – BETWEEN DEITY AND DEPTH OF ETERNITY (review in Danish in Politiken)



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