to have or not to be (Y SIN EMBARGO Magazine #23)

The latest issue (# 23) of this excellent on-line magazine is out NOW!

from the presentation of this issue of the magazine:

– What lies beneath the urge to possess?

– When there’s no other way to enjoy objects, their possession guarantees their unlimited enjoyment, without being subject to timetables, programs, ticket fares… But if we’re granted infinite availability of the object for its enjoyment, why do we still want it to be ours?

– Do we download and accumulate files because they’re free? Because it’s easy? When does desire or need of the object/file itself intervene?

– Our digital collections are fragile, subject to the quick (even sudden) deterioration of storage devices, to the constant evolution in formats. Why do we insist in keeping what is bound not to last?

– The accumulated, the possessed turns into obligation: we possess a growing collection of things waiting to be watched, listened to, read – things we didn’t really want of need when we were tempted to click and download.

– Traditional possession implied its ostentation. What shapes does virtual ostentation take? Through our lists of “favorites”, “interests”, “music I like”, “books I’ve read”… isn’t status being defined by what we know rather than by what we have?

– Or is fetish being displaced from the possession of the “object” to the possession of the “channel” for obtaining it? Do we show off our premium user accounts and our connection speed just as we used to boast about the volume occupied by our bookshelves?

– And if this is true, what does it imply? Would the business move from selling edited objects to selling channels to obtain them? Would sales be measured by “number of reproductions”? Would thus the current industrial model be perpetuated after some face-washing… or would there be more room for “independent” alternatives, whatever it means?

– Could anyone be a great virtual collector without possessing a single file in their HDD?

# # #

edit(ing), direct(ing) + complements
fernando prats
art direct(ing) + design(ing)
estudi prats
colacao + additional stuff
rivera valdez
alicia pallas
original music
nevus project / albert jordà
front cover(ing) & open(ing) multitudes: andrés waissman
back cover(ing) hand: fernando prats

roman aixendri jordi calvet bas sebastián de cheshire hernán dardes oriol espinal ezook thomas hagström bill horne graciela oses françoise lucas paula palombo alicia pallas fernando prats rivera valdez miguel ruibal jef safi andrés waissman

a coruña
barcelona buenos aires
mar del plata
seattle strängnäs
tarragona terrassa

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  1. Ja / Sí
    Fine book Fernando, I feel really good by having 4 photos in there.

    The pictures have to do with my move from Strängnäs to Helsingborg. I threw, sold or gave away lots of stuff (my vinyls for example…) and a month or two earlier the HDD with all my downloads since the glory days of Kazaa broke down, we have tried to recover the stuff but, luckily (I have realized), it wasn’t possible.