YSE #25

Y SIN EMBARGO magazine, issue #25, now released, but only for a limtited period of time.

The subject of this Y SIN EMBARGO is precisely memory, its forms, places, functions and posibilities, its updates upgrades, and therefore its new forms, places, functions and posibilities. And to go beyond in the logic and critical readings around these questions, the present issue will not have a permanent existence, available, as a part of the shared memory that we humans have on the web; on the contrary, it will be a work sent directly to the void, it will be lost, as a pile of organized energy in a dissipative medium, like all that we cannot download from our heads (or access anywhere),

YSE#25, just a memory, will cease existing on October 5th, 2010.

(I have not contributed this time but other excellent folks, artists and photographers have, check the link please!)

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